Ayurveda Ausbildung

To go further to the learning of this millennium medicine, know the natural ways to cleanse your body, keep a perfect health and to guide you towards the best balance of life for you and your close relations, I have the pleasure to announce you a training of basic knowledge of Ayurveda in English language.

At the birth, we all received a constitution which is appropriate for us, each of us is a unique individual with unique needs. What suits for one can be unsuitable for another one. Ayurveda helps us to discover our dosha and to choose the ideal lifestyle to lead us on the road of a good health.

1st day : auf Anfrage

  • Origin and principles of Ayurveda
  • The 5 elements, the 3 doshas
  • Health and food
  • Process of the digestion
  • The 6 tastes and the 3 gunas
  • Preparation of an herbal tea
  • Yoga and meditation

2nd day : auf Anfrage

  • Detailed analyse of the three doshas
  • Balance of lifestyle for each type
  • A body in perfect health
  • The ayurvedic purification
  • Soft detoxification
  • Study of 3 health problems
  • Self massage and beauty receipes

3rd day : auf Anfrage

  • Harmonize Vikruti
  • Dinacharya
  • Ritucharya
  • The power of spices
  • The 7 dathus
  • Study of 3 health problem

Although these three days are complementary, they are also independent one of the other one. It is possible to join only in the first day, and to reserve, if so wished, the second and /or the third day for later.

Place : Rodange (Luxembourg)
Timetable : from 9,30 am to 16,30 pm
Prix : 90€ per day, included an ayurvedic meal. 250€ for the three days
           40€ at the registration.