Passionate for several years in personal development and spirituality, I know that happiness is inside our heart and is just waiting to be kept up and shared. Everything that happens to us is part of our movement, joys and troubles as well and trials help us growing.

As mother of four children, a big part of my time was devoted to my family beside a professional life in public service and administration. After painful life experiences, I got over it using resilience for reconnecting myself to my own identity. I’ve a solid confidence in the life and the universum. My friends find me dynamic and always turned to new plans.

My philosophy of life is unconditional love for all human beings, animals, plants and minerals, respect for nature and all its beauties, gratefulness for the wealth of the life and the joy of the present time. I daily use positive thinking and apply the sacred  rays.

In constant evolution, I attended a numbers of training courses as NLP, transactional analyse, verbal and non-verbal communication, emotions and beliefs management, shamanic trips, Feng Shui and health colours, sacred rayonnance,yoga and meditation retreats  and diverse spiritual trainings. All this research enables me to develop a very large vision of life, to get confidence and to commit myself to the way of wisdom.

In 2006 I decided to become a vegetarian, this idea was rooted in my heart for more that twenty years and was just waiting to make concrete. The greatest benefits of the change of diet are an increasing of my vibrations and a better resistance to stress. During my research to my nutritional balance a new road oppens for me : Ayurveda that leads me to India, the country of my heart.

Ayurveda pratitioner awarded of the international school Yoga & Ayurveda Health, I’m fully convinced that Ayurveda will not only add years the the life but will add life to the years as well. I really feel to make known the marvellous science of life and to offer it to others through my trainings, consultations and workshops.

The greatest happiness we have comes from the happiness we give.

“The one who, by some alchemy, knows how to extract from his heart, to melt them together, condolence, respect, patience, regret, surprise and forgiveness creates this atom that we call Love.”
Kahlil Gibran