Ayurvedic Consultation

An ayurvedic consultation is a complete health check-up following the ayurvedic tradition who will guide you towards a better balance of lifeIt is also a way together in the trust, you can choose yourself modifications you are able to accept according to your motivation, your time, your availability…

The first session is adapted to your request according to your current health: – If you wish to modify your food, you will receive personalized advices adapted to your condition of moment;
 – If you have particular health problems (disease, fatigue, overwork, constipation) a gently rehabilitation of your living conditions is suggested;
 – If you wish a natural complement to a medical treatment of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or other, Ayurveda is also there to accompany you.
Progress of a consultation
– question to the patient,
– explanations of his/her problems
– reading of the tongue and taking the pulse
– advices in lifestyle, food, use of spices and plants, practices of breathing, relaxation, yoga, massages…

(This health check-up doesn’t replace a visit at your regular doctor)

First consultation, approximately 90 minutes : 75 € (included a personal report, ayurvedic nutritional guidelines, supplements if necessary, recipes and other .advices for a healthy life)
Next consultations: approximately 1 hour : 50€
Languages : French  or  English
For a motivation and a gently change in your habits, three consultations are recommended over the period of your own choice.

Sacred energetic care


An energetic care has beneficial repercussions for the health, it reharmonizes chakras and regulates energy between body, Earth and Universe. It is impossible to predict the effects of a session, profits are variable according to every individual. Every session is unique and what takes place depends above all on the récipient.

I invite you to discover a sacred energetic care which uses pranayama, sacred rays, magnetism and certain gestures of a former sacred massage of mystic India. This care lasts between 60 and 75 minutes and is given on the clothes : 70€

Energy healing are practised from immemorial time. They reharmonize energetic circuits of a person. By rebalancing the energetic circulation, it is possible to warn the appearance of physical and psychological diseases. These healings are an excellent tool of prevention.

An energetic healer doesn’t heal, his essential role is to be the “relay” guiding the person in demand on the way of his/her own healing. The practitioner, by the help of his hands, is a channel in service of the patient, to whom he allows to draw at the bottom of him/herself the capacities of His/Her own healing, to harmonize his relations with others and to find self confidence.

“If somebody asks you to cure him, begin by asking him if he is ready to eliminate the causes of his disease, only then you can help him”
” You will not heal your diseases, it is your diseases which will heal you ”
Carl Gustav Jung