Ayurvedic Massages

Like Ayurveda, the ayurvedic massages  have become fashionably. They bring an exotic touch in beauty salons, hotels and centres of well-being where they are presented among the range of various care with some unknown names. Nowadays, it is possible to learn the techniques of a massage on one or two weekends, allowing to practise them in the family and it is very well.

However the authentic ayurvedic massages stemming from the Indian tradition need  a much longer learning. They are much more than simple well-being massages, they are an integral part of the ayurvedic medicine. Practised with the help biological warm oil, they feed and cleanse the body and the spirit. They are adapted to your constitution and to your condition of moment. For a curative effect, a serial of several massages over a close period is recommended. See the proposed subscriptions.

Awarded a diploma of ayurvedic masseuse of the international school Yoga and Ayurveda Health, with 500 periods theoretical and practical and 700 hours as Ayurveda practioner, I was formed by John Marchand , who is teaching the education of Harish Johari, which is named ” the man of the Ayurveda revival ” I have several years of practise and have a continual training at my school an in India.

The massages make you perplexed, speak about it confidently, I am listening to you and I welcome you respectfully. My massages are given in consciousness and with loveThe spiritual dimension is present, it is going to balance the physical, mental and spiritual plans. My massages are not erotic, naturist, tantric or sexual.  The genitals are not massed nor even touched.

Abhyanga massage

“abhy” rub down and “anga” limbs.

This traditional ayurvedic massage is made with warm oil to lubricate the entire body and soak the tissues in oil.   Purifying and nourishing for the body, Abhyanga purifies above all the mental and renews the vital energy. The subtles canals and the chakras are stimulated and even illuminated.

It is indicated in case of stiffness, ageing and helps weight loss.Consists of patting, kneading, rubbing and wringing in the direction of the extremities in order to void the toxins taking action in all levels of the being : blood circulation, metabolism, hormonal balance, organs, endurance, immunity, concentration and intellect.
This massage suits to all doshas and is performed with an appropriate oil to each.

Different choices are offered :
Abhyanga tonic : (75 minutes) 80€
Abhyanga soft : (75 minutes) 80€
Abhyanga soft with head massage : (90 minutes) 95€

Sattvic meditative massage

“sattva” is luminous energy, the creative potential linked with meditation and contemplation. It gives a feeling of peace, of clearness, contentment and comprehension. The sattvique relaxing massage, with very soft and slow movments is an anti-stress ayurvedic massage that provides a feeling of envelopment and deep quitening. It works especially on the subtles canals, the psychological plan and the consciousness, it removes the negative thoughts and the rumination.
Performed with different medicinal oils and essential oils to help the wished effect. Indicated in case of stress, overstrain, psychological tiredness and concentration lack and burn out.
75 minutes – 80€

Shirodhara massage

« shiro » head and « dhara » out
Shirodhara is the King of the ayurvedic massages. Shirodhara is an oiling of the skull that cools the strong emotions, lowers the stress level, stimilates the secretion of serotonin ans helps to create a hormonal balance. This massage made with a trickle of oil poured out on the forehead of the massed person, is preceded with a four hands anti-stress massage of the entire body. This massage works above all the mental psychological plan and the consciousness. Indicated to all diseases of the head (eyes, ears, nose, nervous system), headaches or frequent migraines, physical or mental stress, tiredness, overstrain, burn out, hormonal disorder. Not indicated during the pregnancy.
My colleague Dominique www.ausouriredulotus.com and I offer Shirodhara preceded by an anti-stress four hands massage  like in the indian tradition.

– 90 minutes : 180€
– 3 shirodharas in 4 months : reduction of 30€ at the third

Anti-stress massage

The purpose of this massage is to return the person to its physical envelope and to eliminate the worn out energies. After a soft massage of the head, the face and the neck, the whole body is abundantly oiled and massed with fast movements without pressure. The skin is so well fed by  sesame oil and the body is well warmed. This anti-stress massage gets a big and profound relaxation. Indicated in case of overwork, muscular tensions, stress, tiredness.
45 minutes – 50€

Face massage

This ayurvedic face massage works above all the vital energy and the psychological plan. It doesn’t have for only goal the beauty of the face, it considers especially to restore a balance in the nervous system, clarifies and calms down the spirit and raises vitalityby working on the plexus and the reflex zones of the face and the neck. (Includes the massage of the backbone, the neck and pectoral muscles and a beauty mask as well).
75 minutes – 90€

Back massage

This dorsal ayurvedic massage is recommended in case of dorsal tensions and muscular pain. It provides a deep relaxation that disperses in the whole body, stimulates the self-healing strength and has a beneficial effect on all organs.
45 minutes – 50€

Cranial massage

This ayurvedic cranial massage works above all the vital energy and the psychological plan. It creates a balance in the nervous system, helps to clarify and calm down the spirit and increase vitality, meanwhile working on the plexus and the reflex zones of the cranium, the face and the neck.
Indicated in case of stress, scalp or hair problems.
30 minutes – 35 €

Jambira Pinda Sweda

This massage with the help of warm bolsters full of lemon, coconut and spices gives firmness and softness to the body, dramatically reduces fat and cellulite. It removes the toxins, loosens up the joints, cools down and revivifies the body. Three consecutive massages in a short period are recommended for an effective treatment.
60 minutes – 90€ (included the home made preparation)


“garshan” rub and “ud” upper. Udgarshan is a purifying exfoliation of the body with the help of  silk gloves following the lymphatic movments. It works above all the physical plan and stimulates the lymph increasing the circulation in the canals. This massage permits to remove the noxious waste,  ionizes blood givin it more alkaline. The subtles canals and the chakras are stimulated. Indicated in case of overweight, tiredness, stiffness, low circulation, lack of exercice, neuropathy, this scrubing suits above all dosha Kapha and is less advised in case of dry skin or dosha Vata. Il can be followed by an oil massage.
20 minutes  –  25€


“vartan” unction and “ud” upper
Udvartan is an exfoliation to remove the noxious waste and a nutrition of the tissues. We use exfoliating and medicinal powders mixed in oil. The preparation gives a smooth mixture  that is warmed before the application. This purifying massage works abore all on the lymph, blood, muscles, adipose tissues ad the physical plan. Very indicated for dosha Vata.
45 minutes  –  60€  (including the home made preparation)
“Incessant kneading,
Pleasant drainages,
sacred gift of a wise,
Magic is the massage!”
Pierre Varnier