Cooking sessions

Food plays an essential role in Ayurveda because it brings us all the nutriments for our body and our spirit. Fascinated by nutrition for numerous years, I am convinced of the relationship between our health and our food. I offer you ayurvedic cooking sessions and raw vegan sessions.

The sessions are bilingual French / English and nutrition information and recipes in English or in French


Ayurvedic cooking

Of Indian origin, ayurvedic cooking is a lacto-vegetarian cooking, that uses fresh ingredients of our regions by adding seeds and spices to give more easily digestible and more delicious dishes. Every session includes a lesson of nutrition and the preparation in common of a light, delicious and digestible meal.

The meals are balanced and spiced, as in the traditional Indian cooking, but they are never prickly. As appreciated by the vegetarians as the non-vegetarians, the ayurvedic cooking awakens the body and the spirit and brings you energy and vitality

Ayurvedic cooking sessions
organized on request for 4 people and more – 50€ session

Raw vegan workshop
organized on request – 50€ per session

Discovery day of ayurvedic cooking
organized on request for 4 people and more 90€ 

Raw vegan sessions

Alive food is a raw vegan food, which has the advantage to contain all the enzymes (partially destroyed by cooking). It must not be confused with raw foodism (can contain raw animal proteins). It is a detoxifying and energetizing food.

Private cooking sessions

You are interested in cooking but you have no possibility to attend my sessions or you live too far. Get in touch with me to receive flyers and posters, we shall discuss the formula suiting your wishes. If you gather six persons (non included yourself), I will come in your region and the course will be offered to you.

You wish to organize a party with friends, a Team event in your company, a birthday celebration, a conference with an ayurvedic meal, feel free to contact me as well. It is possible to choice the menu that suit you best. You will get a present when you gather six people (non included yourself).

“Food gives to humans beings their vital energy”
Charaka Samhita (600 bf J.C.)