Purification treatment

As the nature makes it naturally, our body needs to cleanse itself  as well  as eliminate its toxins, natural waste produced by our cells and chemical substances resulting from numerous pollutants that we are in contact with. It needs a moment of rest before regenerating.
In Kerala, South India, there is a treatment that no other medicine practises. It is called Panchakarma, literally five actions. A real panchakarma practised in India can last until 40 days to cleanse all the tissues and it is overseen by an ayurvedic doctor. Treatments practised in Europe are generally softer and shorter.
These detoxifying treatments aim to eliminate physical and biological toxins produced in our body in a specific way: we can compare this toxin with a sticking material preventing the normal functioning of various tissues of the body.

Home purification treatment : Five days to regenerate yourself

The treatment begins with a consultation  of one and a half hour allowing to define your specific request and to establish the most adapted program to your current state. 

Starting with three days preparation at home, to lighten the body with internal oilings, detoxifying powders and limited diet.

Then the treatment of  five days including daily at my center a mini ayurvedic consultation, an ayurvedic massage and a hamam at my center. 
  • a mini ayurvedic consultation, 
  • an ayurvedic massage,
  • and a hamam. 
And those who wish can prepare vasti (cleaning and nourishing enema prepared with a decoction of plants) at home.

The treatment ends by two days of post-treatment at home to allow the body to find gradually its balance. You will receive personalized advices helping you to pursue the effects of this first cleaning and to gradually get back to an adapted food.

For those who are in a hurry, I can suggest a short purification treatment of three days. I invite you ton contact me to have more information about it.

Frequently asked questions

A treatment is a break in the stressful life, one moment of centring, time to take care of yourself. You feel lighter, full of energy, your vitality is better, your thoughts are clearer, you assimilate nutriments better and your digestion improves, your skin is more beautiful, you feel in great shape and want to continue to eat healthily.
  • to every person wishing to take care of  his/her health, to improve his/her shape and vitality
  • to those who have specific health problems (water retention, overweight, tiredness, overwork, stress, dry skin)
It is recommended not to work during the treatment, but you have to know that the elimination of toxin can cause some fatigue, feelings, nausea… But it depends naturally on your schedule (full / part time) and on the place of your work, if you manage to reconcile both, you choose what is right for you. 


” The cure which I made with the help of Anne-Marie was for me a revelation.
Far from the austere ideas that could be made, a purification treatment, well managed, leads to serenity.
After a few days, our spirit and our ideas become clearer.
A new energy emerges and a feeling of lightness invades us.
The massages full of sweetness wrap us and feed us so much as the flavourful food which is chosen, prepared and tasted in consciousness.
At the end of the treatment, a single desire to plan another one…
Thank you Anne-Marie to have made me discover and live the inestimable benefits of this practice, both on the physical and psychic plan. “
Jocelyne, March 2012
“A purification treatment which brings a big well-being, with healthy food, purifying massages and other original bodycare, to take care of oneself and give wellness.
Anne-Marie brings her reassuring presence and her daily advices, to follow treatment at best. We stand out from it cleaned, rested and filled with a new energy.”
Virginie, August 2012
“I really adored the cure, it was really good, so physically as psychically. It has been a long time since I felt as well as this weekend, I can get up early in the morning and I feel in good shape. The desire for sweet food after or between the meals passed. And I feel much lighter. Thank you very much for everything.”
Danielle, February, 2017
«The healing is a big secret which everybody possesses in oneself without knowing it. No doctor can make miracles. But by removing all obstacles in our body, we can be sure that the body will be cured of itself. »
Doctor Hulda Clark